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Au cours des dix dernières années Medilar a été impliqué dans divers projets médicaux à travers le continent.

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Tema General Hospital- Tema, Ghana

The proposed new Tema General Hospital (TGH) complex will be a state-of-the-art comprehensive medical facility, to be built adjacent to the existing hospital, and will eventually replace it. The new TGH is designed to provide a wide ranging solution to all of the medical needs of the growing population of the Tema Metropolitan District in the greater Accra region.

The new hospital is being built on a 220,000 square meter site adjacent to the current hospital in the Light Industrial Area of Tema. Construction of the new hospital will be implemented so as not to affect the daily operations of the existing hospital.

The hospital complex will be built using top quality, long life materials that require minimum maintenance treatments. The hospital building and the hotel will be covered with a combination of natural granite panels integrated with aluminum and glass, creating an attractive, modern exterior for this advanced healthcare complex.

The hospital is a multidisciplinary facility providing a wide range of medical services to the public. The building was carefully planned to focus on the medical needs of the patient while accommodating the service delivery requirements of the healthcare.

The building will be 6 stories, above a partial basement level, containing 480-500 beds, with a total building area of about 34,000 sqm. There is an option for future expansion of 2 stories.

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Private clinic- Bissau, Guinea Bissau

Establishment of a modern private clinic in the center of town.

Serving locals and private companies. The clinic includes a laboratory and a day hospitalization section.

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"Clinique mère et enfant" - Luanda, Angola

Nous sommes en train de mettre en place cette clinique à Luanda, en Angola. La clinique sera une extension de l’hôpital. Avec une capacité de 40 bébés et 20 bébés prématurés.


Couvrir tous les besoins médicaux d’une nouvelle zone industrielle de 1 000 personnes. Cela inclura une clinique permanente ainsi qu’une clinique mobile desservant les employés dans un rayon de 50 km.

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